Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Administrative Officer for Workforce Development Services

Position Numbers: FA011, FA100 & FA103

Reports to: Coordinator of Workforce Development (FA073)

The position serves in a support role providing administrative and training expertise to Workforce Development Services.  The position employs sales, organizational, and marketing skills to plan, customize and deliver training and educational programming to business, industries, public school systems and enterprises throughout the college’s service region.

70% Plans, develops, implements and markets customized and open enrollment credit and non-credit programs directed at workforce training and continuing education, assuring that course content and materials are appropriate and in compliance with accreditation guidelines. Communicates directly with officials of business, industries, public school systems and organizations in the service area to advise them of training opportunities available through the college and, specifically, Workforce Development Services. Evaluates client training needs, develops contracts, assesses qualifications of instructors and evaluates each training program.  Ascertains and recommends the selection and implementation of instructional technology to be employed in business, industry and organizational training as appropriate.
10% Monitors and verifies all business and instructional agreements and contracts, amending when necessary, to safeguard all Workforce Development Services operations.
5% Communicates with Academic Deans and Coordinator of Academic Programs & Dual Enrollment to coordinate open enrollment and dual enrollment classes. 
5% Serves on area business and community boards or workgroups as appropriate, on behalf of the college in the areas of workforce and community development.
10% Initiates and manages special projects, grants and activities of Workforce Development Services as they relate to federal and state funding regulations, maintains accounting records and coordinates marketing effects.