Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Admissions Office Manager (Education Support Specialist III)

Position Number: 00142

Reports to: Dean of Student Services (FA099)

This position is directly responsible for providing overall direction and day-to-day leadership and management of staff, services, and resources for the Admissions Office.


Plans semester enrollment process and calendar including enrollment dates, staffing, overtime hours and necessary technical support in coordination with Records Coordinator/Registrar. Develops and implements enrollment and advising procedures each semester and communicates procedures to college staff, students, and general public. Supervises and trains part-time employees in all methods and processes related to the Student Information System, admission and enrollment functions. Serves as liaison and functional support for students and campus divisions in researching and resolving enrollment related problems and issues and ensures that all VCCS policies are implemented. Coordinates and implements no-show reporting and ensures that submission and processing is within established deadlines. Coordinates and implements withdrawal reporting and ensures that submission and processing is within established deadlines. Applies all policies related to on-campus high school dual enrollment and verifies that all enrollments and required authorizations are in compliance with the Virginia Plan for Dual Enrollment. Processes and registers off-campus dual enrollment students and researches and resolves admission, enrollment and payment related issues. Manages and applies established policies to the enrollment of home schooled and underage students. Serves as the Admissions Office liaison with the college Finance Office regarding enrollment cancellation and student payment resolution. Coordinates the scheduling and follow-up of this process.


Communicates information and answers questions about a wide range of college programs and services. Answers inquiries about admissions policies, attendance, eligibility, transfer requirements, and financial aid. Interprets and applies all state and college regulations and policies regarding college admission. Reviews admission applications for accuracy and proper coding of data elements. Assist in identification of students with multiple student ID’s and choosing the correct ID for student use in reapplication process. Utilizes appropriate business processes to ensure accurate coding and entry of each application in PSIS so that proper data is generated for reports, budgeting and funding. Independently determines applicant's eligibility for in-state tuition and resolves questions and concerns of other Admissions Office staff relative to domicile. Refers formal domicile appeals to the Domicile Officer. Assists with screening, processing, and entry of readmit applications. Promotes and maintains confidentiality of all admissions applications. In accordance with established procedures, independently determines the eligibility of applicants for waiver of tuition under the Senior Citizens Act.


Provides personal attention to all individuals and assists with the completion of all documents necessary to support enrollment services. Communicates information and answers questions about a wide range of college programs and services. Answers inquiries about curriculum guidelines, course content, and course prerequisites. Interprets and applies all state and college regulations and policies regarding enrollment. Supports all enrollment functions of the college including registering students and processing schedule changes and withdrawals in PSIS. Provides the individual assistance necessary to support all on line enrollment functions. Uses analytic and problem-solving skills to resolve self-enrollment issues and problems. Maintains extensive knowledge of and interprets and applies all college and VCCS policies and business processes related to advising, course scheduling and prerequisites, policies concerning dropping and adding developmental courses, third repeats, course overloads, administrative withdrawals, and limitations of enrollment for certain special courses. Confers with Records Coordinator/Registrar for approval of late adds, late drops, course overloads and repeats, and administrative withdrawals. Runs all queries and crystal reports relative to monitoring student enrollment. Assists students by generating and explaining data contained in the Advisement transcript. Communicates with division offices in assisting students with placement in closed course sections. Communicates with faculty members and division offices to resolve roster discrepancies. Refers difficult discrepancies or problems to Admissions and Records Coordinator/Registrar.

10% Utilizing a wide variety of office software, independently initiates and prepares confidential student correspondence for Records Coordinator/Registrar’s signature. Includes notification and terms of acceptance for students admitted on probation, suspension and dismissal, international student guidelines, pending transcript notifications, and early-out letters for military personnel. Ensures that each student receives the appropriate correspondence and updates SIS to reflect current information. Creates and updates documents used for information packets and ensures that all information is correct and current. Independently prepares and maintains documents and forms used in the admissions process including senior citizen registration forms, registration permits, registration change forms, and closed class request forms. Runs all queries and crystal reports necessary to support document preparation and student correspondence. Assists Student Services Functional Specialist with business process design and maintenance and development of training documents and tools. Participates and assists with training of college personnel in areas related to Admissions.
10% Performs other duties as assigned by the Dean of Student Services. Performs duties of other office personnel during absences and peak registration periods, including filing, preparing bulk mailings, and opening and distributing daily mail. Supports work unit by working overtime hours as requested. Supports all Records Office functions by assisting Records Coordinator/Registrar with detailed student record audits, data entry, transcript generation, student verifications, transcript credit entry, and course directives. Remains up-to-date on all functions and business processes related to the daily operations of the Admissions Office. Assists with training of all new and temporary personnel.
5% Serves as back-up in the processing of incoming high school and college transcripts on an as-needed basis. Cross-references transcripts with student folders and, when appropriate, forwards copy of college transcript to the Counseling Office for evaluation of transfer credit and copy of high school transcript to the Counseling Center for advising purposes. Reviews incoming college transcripts for academic standing. For those students with poor academic standing, contacts the student and outlines the necessary steps to be taken for admission to Virginia Western. Enters student transfer credits from outside colleges and evaluates/enters transfer credits from VCCS colleges. Interprets and applies VCCS policies regarding transcript requirements. Promotes and maintains confidentiality of all student transcripts. Maintains filing system for non-curricular applicants. Conducts in-depth audit of applications on a semester basis, destroying applications and updating student program/plan information as needed. Monitors all non-curricular applications for students who have entered a program of study. Contacts students concerning required transcripts.