Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Administrative Officer for Dental Hygiene Programs

Position Number: FA041

Reports to: Dean of Science, Mathematics & Health Professions (FA017)

This position is responsible for working with adult participants enrolled in occupational and technical training programs to develop individual career and education plans, secure college or training program admissions and financial aid; and acquire needed support services through human services agencies and community based organizations. The position will divide time between the VWCC campus in Roanoke, the Western Virginia One Stop Career Center in Roanoke, The Franklin Center in Rocky Mount, and off-site locations as needed.

This position serves as the program administrator for the Dental Hygiene program, including it extension to distant sites at Lord Fairfax Community College, Central Virginia Community College, and Danville Community College.  The position is responsible for compliance with American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation Standards for Dental Hygiene, the oversight of the didactic component of the curriculum and the three clinical sites, recruitment and evaluation of adjunct faculty and dentists, admission and retention of students at all four sites, and supervision of faculty.


Develops, evaluates and revises curriculum to ensure that program standards meet VCCS, ADA accreditation, and VWCC guidelines. Prepares documentation for curriculum reports and catalog changes at all four colleges.


Supervises assessment, planning and operating of program facilities at all program sites.


Teaches 8 to 12 contact hours per year.

10% Recruits, supervises, and evaluates adjunct faculty and staff dentists at the four clinical sites.
5% Completes the annual ADA survey regarding program activities, curriculum budget and faculty.
5% Maintains student records and monitors overall student performance.
5% Chairs the Curriculum Advisory Committees at all four colleges and communicates with members by mail and phone regarding pertinent issues related to the advisory role.
5% Submits annual departmental budget for fiscal administration of the program.
5% Supervises operation of the four clinics and ensures that appropriate standards for infection control and patient treatment are followed.
5% Chairs the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee, directs processes for selecting students and interviews applicants for all four sites.
5% Resolves instructional problems arising with the VCCS synchronous distance delivery system and scheduling.
5% Interacts with dental professionals to maintain good community relations in all four service areas.