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Guide to Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Accommodations for Students with Mobility/Coordination Impairments

  • On occasion students in wheelchairs or those who walk with difficulty will be late to class.  They should not be penalized.
  • Since not all College facilities are easily accessible to persons with mobility/coordination impairments, it may be necessary to accommodate a student by relocating the class.
  • An adjustable table and straight back chair, if needed, may be requested through the Office of Disability Services for users of wheelchairs and others with legitimate need for such an accommodation.  Please do not move tables or chairs from other classrooms as they may have been placed there at the request of another student.
  • A wheelchair user with a writing surface attached to his/her chair may prefer to sit with other members of the class.  If so, please provide a space among the desks, if possible.
  • If a scheduled class activity will be held at another location, please provide advance notice.  It too must be accessible to all students in the class.
  • Allow the use of audio recorders and/or note takers by students with impaired used of their hands.
  • A written list of new terms provided at the beginning of class allows a student who is unable to take notes to keep up with class discussion.
  • A student with poor dexterity or no use of the hands may require a scribe, computer, or other assistance in test taking and/or extended time limits. Please ensure that appropriate arrangements have been made in advance.  Student Support Services will be happy to administer the test for you.
  • Encourage students with limited or no use of their hands to explore the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking, a voice command software program. Dragon Naturally Speaking is available in Disability Services.

Please refer such students to the Office of Disability Services in S207 (857-7286).