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Blackboard Tutorials

Blackboard Learn – New & Different

What’s New in Blackboard Learn: October 2014 New Release   PDF File
What’s New in Blackboard Learn: April 2014 New Release   PDF File
What's New in Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 9   PDF File
What's New in Blackboard 9.1?   PDF File
PowerPoint Presentation of What's New in Blackboard 9.1   PDF File
Using Edit Mode   PDF File
Using My Places   PDF File

Course Management

Make a Blackboard Course Available to Students Flash Movie PDF File
Change Course Title on Blackboard   PDF File
Copy Previous Course Content into a New Course   PDF File
Export/Import a Blackboard Course   PDF File

Course Menu/Display and Content Creation

Introduce and Manage Course Menus Flash Movie PDF File
Customize Course Display and Settings (Edit Course List, Course Properties, and Course Style/Design)   PDF File
Add a Content Area Flash Movie  
Add and Modify a Course Syllabus Flash Movie PDF File
Create a Single/Group Assignment   PDF File
Grade a Single/Group Assignment   PDF File
Create and Manage Rubrics YouTube Video PDF File
Add New Course Content (Add items; Files; Audio Files; Images; Video Files; External Links; Course Links; Content Folders; Blank Pages; Flickr Photos; SlideShare Presentations; and YouTube Videos)   PDF File
Manage Course Files (Content Collection)   PDF File
How to Setup and Grade SafeAssignment   PDF File
How to Synchronize SafeAssign in a Blackboard Course   PDF File

User Management

Find Course Users/Class Roster   PDF File
Enroll and Remove Users from a Course   PDF File
Disable a User from a Course   PDF File

Communication & Tools

Add and Modify an Announcement   PDF File
Add Faculty Contact Information   PDF File
Create/Modify a Discussion Board Forum   PDF File
Add/Reply to a Discussion Board Thread   PDF File
Manage Discussion Board (Working with view, moderation, grading, search, and statistics)   PDF File
Group Management (Create Groups or Group Sets; Edit/Remove Groups, and Modify Group Settings)   PDF File
Create and Grade Wikis, Blogs, and Journals   PDF File


Create and Manage a Test (Create, Edit, and Make a Test Available in Content Area)   PDF File
Introduction to Test Question Types (17 Question Types)   PDF File
Tips for Faculty to Create and Deploy Blackboard Tests   PDF File
Setting Test Availability Exceptions   PDF File
Manage Question Pools (Create, Import, and Export a Question Pool/Use Questions from a Pool/Test)   PDF File
Create a Random Block test   PDF File
Question Finder and Question Set   PDF File
Negative Points for Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Answer Questions, and Matching Questions Flash Movie  
Automated Regrading Flash Movie PDF File
Using the Bb Survey Tools (Create, Make a Survey Available, View Survey Results)   PDF File
Statistics Reports on Course Usage and Activities Flash Movie PDF File
Early Warning System and Learning Performance   PDF File

Grade Center

Add and Modify Grade Columns   PDF File
Organize Columns (Column Reordering, Freeze/Unfreeze, Show/Hide, and Modify Column Categories)   PDF File
Manage Grades in Grade Center (Enter, Delete, Change, Exempt Grades, and Add Comments)   PDF File
Add and Modify Calculated Columns (Add and Modify a Total Column and a Weighted Column)   PDF File
Create and Manage a Smart View (Create/Modify/Delete a Smart View and Set the Default Grade Center View)   PDF File
Create and Modify a Grading Period (Create, Modify, and Delete a Grading Period)   PDF File
Create Grading Schema (Create, Modify and Delete a Grading Schema)   PDF File
Create and Manage Categories (Create, Modify and Delete Categories)   PDF File
Download Grades from Grade Center   PDF File
Clear Attempts for Individual Student or All Students   PDF File
Create an Extra Credit Column   PDF File
Manage Multiple Attempts   PDF File
Grade Center Enhancement (Needs Grading Page; Grade Assignment and Test Anonymously; Grade Tests by Question Attempt; and Color Code the Grade Center)   PDF File

Other Resources

Getting Started with the Course Environment - Blackboard Resources   PDF File
Getting Started with Course Content - Blackboard Resources   PDF File
Getting Started with Assignments - Blackboard Resources   PDF File
Getting Started with Groups - Blackboard Resources   PDF File
Getting Started with Grade Center - Blackboard Resources   PDF File
Getting Started with Building a Test - Blackboard Resources   PDF File
Blackboard On Demand Learning Center (Tutorials and Flash Movies about Blackboard 9.1) Website  
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