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Having a quality portfolio to share with a prospective employer can be a real advantage while job searching. Not only is it a tool that most job seekers do not provide, but it also shows that you have invested your time in preparing for the job interview and it highlights your qualifications in ways that may be more memorable to prospective employers.

Here are some tips on putting together a quality portfolio:

  • Use a good quality notebook!
  • Nothing hand written
  • Copies must be good quality
  • Use plastic sleeves for each page
  • Include:
    • Resume
    • Sample cover letter
    • Written references
    • Course certificates
    • Transcript(s)
    • Copy of GED or diploma
    • Other certifications
    • Work samples (papers, projects, photos)

Remember, your portfolio is one of your calling cards. While not left with the employer after your interview, the impression you leave will remain. Be sure your portfolio uses quality materials, is neatly organized, and highlights your skills and abilities.

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