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Volunteer Programs

The Community Arboretum is currently expanding its network of volunteers. The Arboretum, a two-acre site with approximately 700 plant species, is in need of additional plant enthusiasts to fill a variety of positions.

Volunteer programs benefit individuals, groups, communities, and beyond. Whatever contribution you or your organization may offer will be appreciated and utilized to fit any schedule -- hourly, daily, bi-weekly, seasonal, or annual pledges of service. On behalf of the Community Arboretum and its existing volunteers, we invite you to help us expand our community outreach efforts.

Positions of greatest need are as follows:

  • Tour Guides
    To provide interpretive tours for the growing number of groups visiting the Arboretum.
  • Speakers
    To share information and insight pertaining to plant materials found in the Arboretum and / or their function in a landscape setting. Those with special interests or expertise in particular plant materials or gardening styles are greatly needed.
  • Newsletter Contributors
    To supply information for the quarterly newsletter.
  • Plant Collection Curators
    To provide expert advice relating to improvements in the arboretum plant collections.
  • Herbarium Curators
    To collect, mount and catalog plant specimens from the Arboretum.
  • Garden Helpers
    To respond to seasonal needs in the Arboretum as well as general maintenance and support of existing plantings and their surroundings.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Clark BeCraft stating the area of interest and your contact information. You may also contact Clark via phone at 540-857-6388.

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