Community Arboretum :: Friends of the Arboretum

Privileges For The Friends Of The Community Arboretum

  • Seasonal newsletter
  • Discounts on seminars, workshops, and special events
  • Annual garden tour to East Coast destinations at Friends’ special rate
  • Designated times for Friends only during plant sales

Arboretum Friends at the *Patron level are entitled to all membership privileges plus a complimentary poinsettia and spring flowering basket from our plant sales.

Annual Membership

  • Patron* - $100.00
  • Sponsor - $50.00
  • Family/Dual - $20.00
  • Individual - $15.00
  • Senior (60 & over) - $10.00
  • Student (full-time) - $10.00

Contributions over and above membership fees are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. To become a friend of the Community Arboretum, please call (540)857-6388 or fill out and mail this membership form (pdf).

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