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Alumni Association

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my address and phone number?

Contact our Alumni Development Services Coordinator.

Who do I contact for help with my resume or career placement?

Contact the Hall Associates Career Center at 540-857-7298 or .

I know someone who is interested in attending Virginia Western. Who do they need to contact?

They should contact the Enrollment Center at 855-874-6690 or for more information they can visit the Enrollment Center web site.

Who is considered an alumnus/a of Virginia Western?

Anyone who has completed at least one class (3 credit hours) or is a graduate of Virginia Western is considered an alumnus/a of Virginia Western.

How do I join the Virginia Western Alumni Association?

It's easy to join the Virginia Western Alumni Association! You can join using our online application.

I am interested in volunteering for the Alumni Association. Who do I need to contact?

For more information on volunteering for the Virginia Western Alumni Association, contact our Alumni Development Services Coordinator, Amanda Mansfield, at or 540-857-6962.

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Contact Us

Amanda Mansfield
Alumni Development Services Coordinator
Phone: 540-857-6962

Mailing Address:
3093 Colonial Ave., SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

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