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Specialty Programs

Virginia Western offers specialty programs involving STEM initiatives.

These programs are designed to help students move into a career pathway which will lead to two-year and four-year college programs.

The Specialty Programs are offered on campus during the day as an extension of the high school and are taught by VWCC faculty. Tuition charges will apply to these programs.

Interested students will need to:

  1. Apply to VWCC.
  2. Successfully complete Virginia Placement Testing.
  3. Meet all pre-requisite course requirements.
  4. Complete the Academy program application.
  5. Provide high school transcripts.
  6. Provide letters of recommendation.

Applications are due by April 1st.

Students and their parents are asked to attend an information program offered prior to the start of the semester.

Regional Academy

  • Engineering Transfer Program
  • Advanced Technology in Mechatronics
  • STEM Pre-Health Curriculum

Contact Terry Drumheller, Program Coordinator, 540-857-6366 for more information.

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