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Your Dual Enrollment instructor will register you for your class. You must provide them with your EMPLID (Student ID) Number. If you have misplaced your EMPLID, you can look it up in MyVWCC.

Late Applications and Registrations

Occasionally, students may change their minds and elect to enroll in a dual class when the school year begins or even after classes have begun. Typically, students have 30 days after the start of the school year (or each semester) to submit their late applications and to register for dual classes at their high schools—provided they have completed the PART I and PART II of the on line application, completed their Virginia Placement Testing (VPT), or secured their Certificate of Exemption. This 30-day period is typically referred to as the drop/add period. Students may add a dual enrolled class to their current schedule, or they may drop a dual class from their schedule during this 30-day period without any notation of the class made on their transcripts at Virginia Western.

Students and parents need to remember that the drop/add period is only in effect for 30 days from the beginning of each semester of classes.

Class Withdrawal Information

Students who violate the attendance or participation guidelines for the course as of the withdrawal deadline will be reported to the Admissions Office and withdrawn with a grade of "W". Students who stop attending or participating in a course after the withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of "F". There will be no refund of tuition or reinstatement of the course.

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