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Public school teachers who wish to become a dual enrollment instructor should discuss the course or courses they wish to offer with their high school principal before beginning the credentialing process with Virginia Western. Ideally, this should be done at least one semester before the course or courses are scheduled to be offered.

Most dual enrollment instructors teach college-level freshmen and sophomore courses that students take in their first two years of college. These courses are academic courses which are transferable to virtually all accredited colleges and universities. As a result of these provisions, a typical dual enrollment instructor who plans to teach an academic course must possess a master’s degree and 18 graduate semester hours in the content area he/she wishes to teach. A master’s degree may be in a different field, but the 18 graduate semester hours must be in the subject or content area.

For career and technical education instructors, typically a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, and/or work experience will be the minimum credential necessary to teach a college-level course in the field of career and technical education.

Once the credentialing process is completed, a public school teacher will become an adjunct faculty member of Virginia Western Community College. For more information about becoming a Dual Enrollment instructor, please refer to the right-hand menu or download the Dual Enrollment Instructor Handbook.

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