Admissions :: Dual Enrollment

Credentialing Process

To complete the credentialing process to become a dual enrollment instructor for VWCC, a public school teacher is required to:

  1. Complete a Commonwealth of Virginia employment application. Print the application, then sign and date it.
  2. Submit the application, along with a current resume to:

    Dr. Kathryn H. Beard,
    Coordinator, Dual Enrollment
    Virginia Western Community College
    PO Box 14007
    Roanoke, VA, 24038
  3. Request official transcripts of all college work, graduate and undergraduate, and have them sent directly to Dr. Beard at the address above. PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Beard cannot accept unofficial transcripts (copies) or copies of transcripts sent directly to the student in a sealed envelope. Official transcripts must come directly to her from each college attended.

Completing the Credentialing Process

As soon as the high school teacher has submitted his/her Commonwealth of Virginia application and current resume to Dr. Beard, and after all of the official transcripts have been received by her, the credentialing process can begin. Once the official transcripts have verified the necessary degrees and the content course work equates to 18 graduate semester hours of credit in the teaching field, the candidate is issued an EMPLID number and becomes an adjunct faculty member for Virginia Western Community College.

As a adjunct faculty member at VWCC, an instructor is fully credentialed and recognized by the College, the Virginia Community College System and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) as having met the basic criteria and standards to become a college-level instructor.

This same credentialing process applies to career and technical education instructors who usually do not possess a master's degree, but who may have a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, or work experience in a particular field. Once these teachers have submitted a Commonwealth of Virginia employment application, a current resume, and official transcripts of any and all college work, the credentialing process begins with an examination of any work experience listed on the resume and the length of time the teacher has been employed in the educational setting.

Usually, a combination of some advanced schooling/training and employment experience will qualify a career and technical education teacher to instruct dual enrolled classes.

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