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Engineers are the planners and designers of the technological systems that are the backbone of our modern society. They apply principles of science and mathematics to meet the needs or solve the problems of humankind. These problems typically are multi-faceted and involve the interplay of technological, economic, environmental, sociological, and political components. For this reason, the engineer requires a background in the humanities and Social Sciences as well as in mathematics and natural sciences.

The Engineering program is designed for creative students who want to explore engineering as a potential major. The intent of this program is to provide students a sense of what the engineering profession encompasses while exposing them to engineering concepts to better prepare them for success in engineering at the undergraduate level.

For more information on Engineering, check out What is Engineering? (YouTube)

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Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the general requirements for admission to the college. To be successful in this program, students must have demonstrated Math competency to be placed into pre-calculus with Trigonometry (or equivalent).

Engineering Curriculum

Printable version with course descriptions (PDF)

Fall Yr 1 Spring Yr 1 Fall Yr 2 Spring Yr 2
MTH 167 MTH 263 MTH 264 EGR 126
EGR 216 EGR 124 EGR 120 EGR 140
EGR 198 SDV 101 EGR 199 CHM 111
  MTH 195-I MTH 195-II  

Contact Us

Terry Drumheller, Program Coordinator

Phone: 540-857-6366

Brenda Morrison, Program Administration

Phone: 540-857-6731

Carole Graham, Dean of Health Professions

Phone: 540-857-6696

Richard Clark, Professor and Program Head of Engineering

Phone: 540-857-6262