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Biotechnology - Student Testimonials

"The Biotechnology Career Study Certificate program was a great opportunity for me to gain real life experience in a research setting. The research that we did on HeLa cells can be directly applied in a laboratory after the completion of this program. I am excited to see where the knowledge that I have learned will take me and I know that I will be prepared for my chosen profession as a Biotechnologist because of this program."

- Bryan D. Craft, Class of 2016

"The Biotechnology Career Studies Certificate program at Virginia Western Community College is designed as a stepping stone to the careers in the disciplines of biological sciences, healthcare and pharmaceutical fields. The smaller student to professor ratio class size provides an excellent opportunity to get undivided attention and mentoring from the professor.

I have been really excited about the program all along, especially when I am able to apply my academic knowledge in the practical environment. This program, along with the professor, definitely have encouraged me to believe in "the sky is the limit" if I wish to pursue it. Therefore, I hope to take the vital lessons as a concrete foundation to pursue a field in medical research in the near future."

- Farzana Rahman, Class of 2016

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Tuition: $
Credits: 20 Hours
Time: 1 Year

Contact Us

Location: Anderson Hall A114
Phone: 540-857-7273
Fax: 540-857-6022

Mailing address:
School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
3097 Colonial Ave., SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

Program Head

Stacie Deaver, MS
Assistant Professor, Biology