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School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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BIO Muscle LabDid you know the Virginia Career View identifies Biostatistics, Mathematics, Engineering Technology, Industrial Ecology, Environmental Science, Biological Technology and Engineering as many of the STEM fields that are projected to grow at an average or faster than average rate over the coming years?

Did you know that many of these STEM occupations are considered "green jobs" with sustainability embedded in their purpose?

Did you know that as much as 50% of the industrial workforce that supports our communities will be retiring in the next 15 years?

Did you know that the School of STEM at Virginia Western Community College has the faculty, facilities, student support and connections to help YOU enter one of these exciting careers? 

To us, work is more than a job.  We want our students to have careers that they enjoy and allow them to grow personally and professionally. 

VWCC offers many options and experiences to our students. Students can earn:

BIO Med LabAll our programs, from Engineering to Mechatronics System Engineering Technology to Biotechnology are listed under Programs of Study.

We welcome you to visit the school of STEM and meet with our knowledgeable and supportive faculty and see our well-equipped laboratories. These fully equipped laboratories and work spaces contain contemporary tools such as 3D printers, CNC machines, a fluorescent microscope, a nanodrop spectrophotometer for quantifying DNA and cell culture incubators. While you are here, ask about hands-on learning opportunities (YouTube), such as authentic research experiences with VT, project based laboratories and active learning strategies that you will find in many of our classes.  We cannot wait to meet you and introduce you to the exciting world of STEM . 

Our community needs innovative thinkers, excellent communicators, and creative minds (YouTube). Our community needs YOU!

"My time at Virginia Western (VWCC) has been fundamental to my interest and success as a student at Virginia Tech (BS. Microbiology), as well as an undergraduate research assistant at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute (VTCRI). The skills and understanding of research attained from both coursework in VWCC College of Science and involvement in the microbiology research team put me ahead of my peers and into a PhD graduate program (Biological Sciences)." -Patrick Calhoun

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School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
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