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Information Technology Programs

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts a strong need for well-trained Information Technology (IT) professionals into 2016 with 5 of the 30 fastest occupations being in the IT career field. The Roanoke area also shows strong growth in the IT career fields. Industries of every type depend on IT to stay competitive, manage large amounts of information, stay connected with customers and reduce costs. In fact, almost every facet of industry depends directly or indirectly on IT for its success. Virginia Western's Information Technology programs are designed to prepare you to go directly into the workforce or transfer to a four-year program.

Our Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, as well as some Associate of Applied Science degrees and our General Education Certificate, are designed to transfer to a four-year institution. Click here to learn about our guaranteed admissions agreements with four-year colleges and universities in Virginia.

Associate of Science Degree

Associate of Applied Science Degrees

Career Studies Certificates