Developmental English (ENG)

The developmental English program at Virginia Western Community college is comprised of four courses.

ENG 1: Preparation for College Writing I 4 credits
ENG 3: Preparation for College Writing II 3 credits
ENG 4: Preparation for College Reading I 4 credits
ENG 7: Writing and Reading Improvement I 7 credits

Students enrolling in ENG 7 must also enroll in the SDV 108 course with the matching section number. For example, if you choose to enroll in ENG 7 section 11, you must also enroll in SDV 108 section 11.

Click here to view the sequence of developmental and college-level English courses.

Click here for course descriptions.

Non-Credit English Courses (EDUC)

The structure of the developmental English program is built upon a foundational skill set. If your placement results indicate that you have deficiencies in these skills, you will be recommended for a non-credit English course.

EDUC 2150: Placement Preparation in English non-credit
Students recommended for enrollment in this course may only enroll in non-credit courses. Cost: $150

Virginia Western also offers ESL courses to serve the English needs of students who speak other languages. Click here for more information about the ESL program.

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