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Reaffirmation Timeline & Process

March 2013 Virginia Western provides a Compliance Certification Report to establish its compliance with all applicable SACSCOC standards.
May 2013 SACSCOC completes an off-site review of this report, and provides feedback to Virginia Western. Generally, more information is needed to establish full compliance with some standards. Virginia Western will provide this further information in a Focused Report.
August 2013 Virginia Western will provide its Quality Enhancement Plan and its Focused Report to SACSCOC.
October 1-3, 2013 An on-site review team will then visit Virginia Western. Most members of this team are representatives from community colleges in other states of the SACSCOC region. The on-site review team will review the items on the Focused Report, as well as our Quality Enhancement Plan. Our compliance with some standards, such as student complaints, will also be reviewed by the on-site review team regardless of the findings of the off-site review team.
Spring 2014 The on-site review team provides its findings to SACSCOC and to Virginia Western. We then have another opportunity to address any remaining issues through a Response Report, if necessary.
June 2014 After a final review of all materials, SACSCOC makes its determination and announces its reaffirmation decision.

Compliance Certification Report - This is the first step in the reaccreditation process. The College submitted its Compliance Report in March 2013, which addressed 89 standards:

  • 15 Core Requirements
  • 63 Comprehensive Standards
  • 11 Federal Requirements

Off-Site Review - Peer evaluators who reside outside of Virginia but are within the College's SACSCOC region will review our Compliance Report. In mid-May 2013, the peer review team will inform the College of any areas in which it feels the College is not compliant. We will then have the opportunity to prepare a focused report as well as prepare additional documentation to address any of the team's findings prior to the on-site visit.

On-Site Review - The College's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Navigate: Get THERE Through Team Advising, will be submitted four to six weeks prior to the On-Site Committee's campus visit October 1-3, 2013. During the October visit, this Committee will carefully examine

  • any findings cited by the Off-Site team,
  • approximately 21 specific standards and requirements related to criteria established by the U.S. Department of Education,
  • a selection of off-campus sites, and
  • the QEP proposal.

The On-Site Committee will determine if there are any areas of non-compliance and submit its report and recommendations to the Commission on Colleges.

Response Report - The College will address any findings and/or recommendations from the On-Site Committee and submit the report in Spring 2014 to SACSCOC.


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