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II-6: Use of College Facility for Special Events

Policy Number: II-6
Effective Date: February 26, 2013
Last Reviewed: March 4, 2015
Responsible Dept.: Financial Services

A signed copy of this policy is available in the President's Office.

1. Purpose

Virginia Western Community College desires to promote and facilitate outside constituencies to the extent practicable in their use of campus facilities and its considerable resources. In as much as Virginia Western operates as a community college, it strives to be accessible and open to the community and the constituents that it serves. It is the college's desire to foster an environment that engages the community and leads to educational enlightenment. In the achievement of that goal, the college must weigh the degree to which this can be accomplished with the limited resources that are available. The college's first commitment remains with its faculty, staff and students. To that end, the college reserves the right to disapprove requests based solely on the college's inability to provide adequate support for the event or in cases where approving the event would severely impact the college resources and/or limit the college's ability to meet its primary obligation to its faculty, staff, and students.

2. Applicability

This policy is applicable to all non-student or non-employee sponsored groups seeking to utilize the college facilities for any type of gathering, meeting, or event on college property that is considered a non-college activity. This policy applies only to events held on the main campus on Colonial Avenue. Facility use of the Greenfield Education and Training Center, Roanoke Higher Education Center, or the Franklin County Workforce Development Center must be made directly with coordinators at those facilities. Separate rental and inclement weather policies are in effect for those locations.

3. Exclusions

This policy does not apply to campus facility reservations made by students, student organizations, or college employees for the purpose of expressive activity as defined in VWCC Policy: I-48 Expressive Activity. Nothing herein shall be interpreted as interfering or obstructing the expressive activity of our students, faculty and staff. College property is primarily dedicated to academic, student life, and administrative functions. But it also represents the "marketplace of ideas", and especially for students, many areas of the campus represent a public forum for speech and other expressive activities.


A. General
  1. All events scheduled by non-student or non-employee sponsored groups (non-college activities) must be scheduled 3 months in advance.
  2. The college maintains a politically neutral stance; however, activities designed to encourage participation in the electoral process and are conducted in a non-partisan manner are allowable under this policy.
  3. College business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Evening hours are from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Weekends are considered after-hours. All weekend and evening events must end by 10:00 p.m.
  4. The Bridge area, corridors, and entry foyers are not available for rental to outside parties due to fire codes.
  5. Users are required to abide by all college solicitations and rental policies.
  6. Events cannot interfere with the normal operation or educational programs of the college.
  7. The college reserves the right to impose reasonable conditions to assure compliance with regulations, and to reject an application from an organization or group that has previously misused facilities or breached an agreement.
  8. Any person utilizing a college facility engaging in unlawful or disruptive conduct or violating college policy may be asked by a college official to leave the property. The college is not obligated to tolerate events that interfere with any lawful mission, process, or function of the institution. Events may be denied if they pose a clear and present danger to college students, employees, or facility users.
  9. Any violation of the college's rental policy regarding the use of facilities will result in a bill for damages and group will be prohibited from future use of facilities.
  10. The college does not provide copier service, flipcharts, or other clerical services for seminars or workshops.
  11. Events held on the main campus will be automatically cancelled when the college is closed due to inclement weather or an emergency. Renter is responsible for notifying participants of cancellation.
  12. The college reserves the right to cancel an event due to college needs or if the event is in conflict with the college solicitation policy. Rental is not available on legal or college holidays or during registration or exam periods.
  13. A statement may be required from the applicant agreeing to indemnify and hold the college harmless from any loss, damage, liability expense, claim or demand that may arise or be caused in any way by use of college facilities.
  14. The college does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or handicap in the administration of any of its educational programs, activities, or with respect to admissions and employment.
B. Requirements
  1. Damage Deposit
    1. A $500 damage deposit is required in advance for rental and use of all college facilities.
    2. The deposit must be submitted within 5 business days of scheduling the event or the event will be cancelled.
    3. The deposit will be returned to the renter in full within 5 business days after the event occurs assuming no damage has been incurred as a result of the event.
    4. The college will provide the renter with an itemized list of any damages deducted from the deposit.
  2. Safety
    1. Users of facilities must comply with all applicable health and safety regulations.
    2. The college cannot assume liability for possible injury to persons or property resulting from use of a facility or event.
    3. Renter must provide own security for sporting events and for events where attendance exceeds 150 persons.
    4. Renter must use either the Roanoke City or Roanoke County police department as the security agent.
    5. Documentation of security agreement with the city or county must be provided to the college at least 30 days prior to event.
  3. Clean-up Fees
    1. When cleaning fees are required beyond the one-hour minimum, those fees will be deducted from the renter's deposit.
    2. Cleaning fees are double for large events requiring more than one custodian.
  4. Admission Fees
    1. If admission is charged, the renter must pay a city tax. Contact should be made with the City of Roanoke Billings and Collections, 215 Church Avenue, Room 212, Roanoke, VA 24011 or by phone to (540) 853-6825 in order to make arrangements to pay the tax. The college is not responsible for tax payments of any kind.
  5. Alcohol
    1. Alcohol is not permitted and may not be served at any non-college event.
  6. Campus Commons
    1. The college cafeteria area (Commons) is available for rental during non-student use hours only. These cannot be easily defined, but it should suffice to say that student usage has first priority.
    2. The tables and chairs in this area may not be rearranged or changed to accommodate rental.
  7. Catering
    1. Java the Hutt and Domino's Pizza are located in the Campus Commons area. Subway is located in the Student Life Center.
    2. College vendors have first right of refusal for any catering needs. The renter should specify that they are looking for catering at VWCC.
    3. Java the Hutt can be contacted by email to or by phone at 540-330-3096.
    4. Domino's can be contacted by phone at 540-985-5000.
    5. Subway catering can be contacted by phone at 540-392-8332.
  8. Classrooms/Computer Labs
    1. Classrooms and/or computer labs may be rented depending on the availability due to the academic schedule.
    2. Basic technology is available in all classrooms, including projection screen and projector.
    3. Weekend usage is dependent on the buildings that are already scheduled to be opened. Buildings will not be opened for use of one room.
  9. Cleaning
    1. Each renter is expected to leave the facility in the same condition it was in when the group arrived and is responsible for cleanup.
    2. A cleaning fee is included in all campus rentals.
  10. Commerce
    1. Non-student or non-employee sponsored groups using campus facilities are prohibited from offering items for sale to students, faculty or staff unless specifically authorized under their facility rental agreement.
  11. Event Duration
    1. All events must end by 10:00pm.
  12. Food, Drink and Tobacco Products
    1. Food, drink and tobacco products are not permitted in classrooms, Whitman Theater, or the gymnasium.
    2. Tobacco products are not permitted in the Natural Science Center, the Community Arboretum, or conference rooms.
    3. Smoking is prohibited in all state owned buildings and within 25 feet of any entrance to the building.
    4. Snack and drink machines are located in the Campus Commons, Fishburn Hall, Business Science Building, and Humanities Building and may be utilized at any time.
    5. Arrangement for refreshments is the responsibility of the requestor.
    6. Except as provided by special agreement, kitchen facilities are not provided.
  13. Facility Schedule
    1. Deposit fees must be paid upon request for use of facilities in order to hold a reservation.
    2. Rental fees must be paid two weeks prior to the event.
  14. Gymnasium
    1. The gym may be rented for sporting events.
    2. Heavy objects must not be rolled on the floor.
    3. Only shoes with tennis or basketball-type shoe soles can be worn on the main floor for physical education or sports events. Any type of cleats or high heels may not be worn on the floor.
    4. A scoring board may be rented for an additional fee.
  15. Inclement Weather, Emergency Closings and College Holidays
    1. Events held on the main campus will be automatically cancelled when the college is closed due to inclement weather or an emergency.
    2. The renter is responsible for notifying participants of cancellation.
    3. The college reserves the right to cancel an event due to college needs or if the event is in conflict with the college solicitation policy.
    4. Rental is not available on legal or college holidays or during registration or exam periods.
  16. Commercial Activities
    1. Activities that engage in buying or selling for the purpose of securing a profit for the benefit of any non-profit organization may only be held after the Events Planning Coordinator has been contacted and all necessary paperwork and rental fees have been paid.
  17. Outdoor Sound
    1. Amplified sound must be approved in advance and will be denied during major college events and critical academic dates.
  18. Parking
    1. Persons requesting use of college facilities shall be responsible for their own parking arrangements.
    2. Visitors should be directed to park within white line spaces.
    3. Vehicles must remain on roadways and park only where legally permitted.
    4. Activities must be situated such as to not impede or block the normal flow of traffic. Under no circumstances shall fire lanes be blocked or ingress or egress to a college building obstructed by a parked vehicle.
  19. Pets
    1. Pets are not permitted on the main campus or in college buildings except in special cases, such as special-needs dogs, and must be attended by the owner.
  20. Public Safety Approval
    1. Certain events REQUIRE a meeting with Campus Police and the Events Planning Coordinator to discuss event specifics and obtain approval. This meeting must take place two weeks prior to the event date. Events that require this meeting include, but are not limited to, cash handling, dance, concerts, and events with over 150 attendees.
  21. Weddings
    1. Decorations may be hung or tied but no staples or nails are not allowed in the Arboretum or Natural Science Center (NSC). Tape may be used in the NSC only on glass surfaces.
    2. Flower petals may be thrown, but rice and birdseed are not allowed.
    3. The Arboretum is open to the public. If a wedding party does not rent the space, the public may still use the area.
    4. Open flames are not allowed in the Arboretum.
    5. If using a tent, user must meet with Arboretum personnel to learn the location of the underground irrigation system prior to the day of the event.
    6. VWCC does not provide any outdoor furniture.
    7. Vehicles are only allowed on parking lots or roadways. No vehicle is allowed to be driven on the grass.
    8. The furniture on the NSC patio cannot be moved.
    9. Items in the NSC may not be moved, unplugged, or tampered with in any way.
  22. Whitman Theater
    1. The theater capacity is 270 seats and may not be exceeded.
    2. The stage can hold up to 23 chairs.
    3. A computer cart is available on stage and is connected to a projector screen. The screen is 12' wide and can be used for PowerPoint or Internet demonstrations.
    4. A technician is required for any event requiring technology (computer, microphone, stage lighting, etc).
    5. The fee for a technician is $160 for the first four hours and $40 each hour thereafter. All required hours must be contracted in advance. Should the event run over the contracted time, additional technician hours will be billed at $60 an hour (no partial hours).
    6. Renting the theater allows use of "house lights" only. If an event requires use of stage lights, additional fees will be incurred.
    7. An announcement must be made not more than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the program and each time a new audience gathers covering fire exits and safety procedures. The announcement is located on the podium in the theatre.
    8. Fire Code currently requires that there be someone in the foyer during all activities in the Whitman Theater to direct people in case of an emergency.
    9. The Whitman Theater stage is painted with water soluble paint. NO liquid props (spray guns, fountains, etc.) are allowed.
C. Rental Fees

The rental fees outlined in the following schedule are applicable to all facility rentals at the college. Exceptions to the fees outlined below may only be granted by the College President.

All rentals are based on academic schedule and college activities
Full Day Rate
4+ hrs
Half Day Rate
< 4 hrs
Capacity Set-Up Layouts Set-Up Fees Technology Fees Cleaning Fees
Classroom $200 $100 Up to 40 Fixed - Cannot be moved N/A $50 $30/hour
Computer Lab $200 $100 Up to 22 Fixed - Cannot be moved N/A $50 $30/hour
Conference Rooms $200 $100 10-15 Fixed - Cannot be moved N/A $50 $30/hour
Campus Commons
Available only during non-student use times
$600   Fixed - Cannot be moved N/A N/A $50/hour
Community Arboretum $600 $300 Up to 150 Fixed - Cannot be moved N/A N/A $30/hour
Only available for sporting events
$600 $300 Up to 400 Fixed - Cannot be moved N/A Scoreboard - $20
Volleyball Nets - $50
Whitman Theater $800 $400 270 Fixed   $150 $50/hour
Tennis Courts (Day) $200 $100 3 courts N/A   N/A $50/hour
Tennis Courts (Night) $400 $200 3 courts N/A   N/A $50/hour
Additional Facility Services       Rectangle Table Set Up (each) $5 N/A N/A
Chair Set Up (each) $2
Natural Science Center $600 $300 Determined by layout Small Horseshoe w/20 chairs $50 $50 $30/hour
Large Horseshoe w/30 chairs $75
Round Tables w/35 chairs $120
Lecture-Style w/25 chairs $55
Lecture-style w/50 chairs $85
Hollow Square w/20 chairs $55
Conference Table w/20 chairs $50
Add'l Rectangle Table (12 max) (each) $5
Add'l Chairs (70 max) (each) $2
Trash Cans (each) $10
Self-Set Up No Charge
Technician Services

$40/hour with 4-hour minimum

  • Events that run over the contracted time will be charged additional technician hours at $60/hour with no partial hours.
  • Fee required for all events in Whiteman Theater unless special permission has been given.
  • Fee required for any events on campus that require a technician to be physically present for assistance.
D. College Contract
  1. Renters are required to read the college's rental policy and sign Attachment A to this policy indicating that they have read the policy and agree to the college's facility use policy.
  2. In the case of large and complex events, the college may require the renter to complete and sign a more extensive contract with the college. This agreement is Attachment B to this contract.